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1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL For Sale Via SL Market Letter Private Bid Sale

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After 30 years of enjoyment, this matching-numbers Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing got a meticulously documented body-off restoration. John Olson found the car in peak condition, ready for the coast-to-coast drive he would  love to take with the next owner. Equipped with quick-ratio steering and the optional NSL sport cam, its race capable manners have not faded with time.

See almost 50+ photos of the car and supporting documentation here.
Forty-five years with one prominent owner – Who’s next?
1,402  were built. How many have survived? Clearly not enough for one of the world’s most admired classics. Serving as Aesthetics Judge, American Industrial Designer Brooks Stevens once described the 300 SL’s genius to be a perfect mix of firm masculine power with soft, feminine curves. A Who’s Who of 300SL specialists have cared for #550360 with 45-year owner Knight Kiplinger and previous owner, Malcolm Pray.

Photographed here is John’s current Bid Sale, owned by the same prominent Washingtonian for 45 years (since being a college senior!). It enjoyed a meticulously documented restoration about 12 years ago  and is ready for a Concours or cross-country drive.

Contact John at SLML (612-377-0155) or olson@slmarket.com for his candid Condition  Report, Bid Form and bid sale steps. Olson personally guarantees all bids are real. You may inspect the car as in a private sale, near Washington, D.C.

See 50+ photos of the car and supporting documentation here.

More About the Bid Sale Format: 25 Years of 300 SL Bid Sales …starting with a subscriber’s idea

Art Avery gifted a 300 SL Gullwing to his alma mater, Ohio State College of Engineering in 1989. The school was grateful but needing money more than an exhibition of German engineering. An SLML subscriber suggested John Olson as an impartial resource to ensure the car’s sale would benefit the school transparently. Olson devised simultaneous publicity for thousands of alumni  plus serious car collectors. The result even surprised Mr.  Avery with a near record for ‘89.

Since then John R. Olson, Inc. has administered nearly two dozen very personalized sales, mostly 300 SLs, in what is best described as “slow-motion” auctions.

Rather than announcing a minimum price or final sale date up-front, Olson invites prospective buyers to participate as in a private sale. They can visit the car, usually meet the owner and/or send a mechanic to inspect the car as in a private sale. If  they began visualizing the car in their garage, they actually participate in setting the car’s price on the premise that it won‘t get sold without buyers! It is easy enough for a seller or buyer to misjudge a car’s value. If the price is set too high the car simply doesn’t sell. Bidders naturally dislike being subjected to other bids but it is emminently fair and instructive to all. If other people bid more it confirms the first bid wasn’t the last word any more than the owner’s wishes. The market place is the real world. If a sale is going to occur it is always, in the end,    a group decision. If the high-bid is higher than initial bids, or lower than a seller prefers, and a sale occurs, neither is “wrong” and the job gets done!

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