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Mercedes Benz Fitted Luggage – A Retrospective: Pre War to Post War – 300SL Gullwing to Young Classics

By   /  June 13, 2013  /  Non-Perishable Reference Articles  /  No Comments

1962 Mercedes 300SE Luggage

One of the rarer options from Mercedes-Benz is fitted luggage. We’ve all seen the pair of imposing, large suit cases strapped into the shelf behind the seats in 300SL Coupés exhibited at car shows. As special as they are, even rarer today is the fitted luggage made in those years for other models. Not many […]

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Mercedes Benz Suspension Tuning, A Quick History

By   /  April 2, 2013  /  Non-Perishable Reference Articles  /  2 Comments


All suspension systems are a compromise in the quest for good handling and a pleasant ride. Early 1950s Mercedes 300 sedans included an electrically activated torsion bar to keep the rear level regardless of ‘payload’. 1960s solutions became a bit more sophisticated. The leveling devise became hydraulic — mounted over low pivot, swinging rear axles. […]

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Mercedes-Benz Banker’s Hot Rods Through History – 300SEL 6.3, 450SEL 6.9 into the Present – Those All Purpose Sedans

By   /  April 1, 2013  /  Mercedes Sedans / Wagons (M100, 6.3, 6.9, SE, SEL, TE)  /  No Comments


What do proper Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts do when two seats are not enough? M-B Engineer Erik Waxenberger’s answer started it all when he dropped a 600 Grand Mercedes V8 into a 112” wheelbase 300 sedan; the 300 SEL 6.3 was affectionately nicknamed the “Banker’s Hotrod” in the 1960s – stealth on the outside, bad-boy on the […]

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