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Mercedes Benz To Move Corporate Headquarters to Atlanta

By   /  January 6, 2015  /  Mercedes News & Market Action, Most Recent Posts!  /  No Comments


Mercedes Benz announced today that they would be moving their MBUSA Corporate headquarters from Montvale, NJ to Atlanta, GA. While they will begin moving employees to a temporary facility in Georgia as early as July 2015, they plan on building a new state of the art headquarters to be completed by in early 2017. The […]

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Rare Mercedes Benz Book Review! “Serving the Star Around the World” by Heinz Hoppe – Explores Modern History of Mercedes Benz and MBUSA Post WWII, Max Hoffman to the Rest of the World

By   /  April 12, 2013  /  Non-Perishable Reference Articles  /  No Comments


EVERYBODY KNOWS Max Hoffman obtained the first Post WWII Mercedes-Benz distributorship in North America and that he persuaded M-B to build the 300SL and 190SL.  Nearly everybody knows Studebaker-Packard was the second North American distributor, and that Daimler-Benz didn’t take on wholly owned distribution of their cars in the US until 1965 through then formed […]

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